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Most software development consultants are one-person shops. If they promote the fact they are "excellent Filemaker developers," that may be true. However, the process of assessing, planning and developing an application for a rapidly changing organization frequently demands advanced knowledge and expertise in a variety of programming languages and protocols to provide the right solution.

More often than not, hardware, IT, and web considerations are overlooked or ignored if the developer is working without an IT department or web support team. Others may actually run "virtual offices" and hire temporary contractors in remote locations to help with their projects. So you can never be sure where, or who is actually working on your application.

At ACG, we have a multidisciplinary in-house team of talented software developers, that have wide a range of expertise in Filemaker, SQL, MySQL, PHP, .Net. C+, Access, Oracle and other advanced programming languages.

Additionally, ACG has a fully staffed IT department and web design team who will work closely with you to ensure your hardware and software applications are user friendly, kept up to date and accessible on the web 24/7.

Combined, ACG's team of database, IT, and web development professionals are able to provide our clients with an unparalleled competitive business advantage - Software applications that are tailored to your unique needs, cost effective, save time, look great, and drive business results.

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