"From the moment we found out about Filemaker Go for iPad, we instantly switched over to it and abandoned our previous costly complex mobile development efforts."
– A national car rental operations manager

Health Care Applications: A Government demonstration of e-health record iPhone applications allows patients to control their health records and gives doctors expedited access to those records. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will drive a market that allows consumers to take healthcare into their own hands, according to tech analyst firm, Ovum.

Access your Filemaker applications “on the Go” from virtually anywhere
With the new Filemaker Go app, now you can view, edit and search your FileMaker Pro records from your iPhone or iPad. Wherever you are, you can check inventory in the warehouse, manage events, or update the status of a project. Easily access your important information or create customized databases using your iPhone or iPad. Away from the office? Travelling? FileMaker Go allows you to do all this without missing a step.
  • Your iPad becomes your portable presentation portfolio in client meetings
  • Access client data or performance reports at a touch anywhere, anytime!

Top 10 Business Apps for iPads and iPhones

1) Healthcare Practitioners – Doctors can now securely review or share EMR (Electronic Medical Records) information with patients, hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms. Significant Federal incentives are also encouraging Hospitals and Doctors to centralize patient information to save money, time and improve medical outcomes.

2) Field Sales & Services - Perfect for presentations and demonstrations on the go. Now you have full access to product information, pricing, customer service records, order status and technical applications. No more “I’ll need to call the office,” or “I'll need to get back to you on that."

3) Insurance Agents - Great productivity tool for field claims adjusters to document damage, or generate quotes.

4) Real Estate Agents - Imagine the power of showing highly visual home tours to house-hunters as you take them around to prospective homes, or even submitting offers when you needed, wherever your location.

5) Mobile IT Pros - Who says IT pros have to be boring? Carry around an iPad, and your image with end users can take a new turn. Now with Filemaker Go, you can easily access all your Windows support apps, dashboards, and documents.

6) Legal Professionals - Lawyers (who often spend long hours in a courtroom) can increase their productivity by having full secure access to every document while travelling, in the office or courtroom.

7) Teachers & Students – Perhaps technically not a "business" use, but it's definitely one of the industry segments that's most excited about the iPad.

8) Financial Professionals - Whether you're on the trading floor or with clients, financial pros now have easy, secure access to all their Windows trading apps, dashboards, documents, and in real-time.

9) Corporate Commuters and Travelers - The world is full of corporate employees who spend a huge amount of time driving, walking around the corporate campus, attending meetings, making presentations, reviewing documents or lugging a laptop to the airport. Enter the iPad!

10) Remote and Mobile workers in all walks of life - Finally, whether you're a field utility worker, salesperson, doctor or anyone who works remotely and needs "always-on" access to your data, we have a Filemaker Windows or Mac app to help you Go!

Filemaker Go - works with your data in the same way as Filemaker Pro
  • Add, change or delete information
  • Find information, sort, and easily navigate through your important Filemaker applications remotely
  • View your information the way you want - in Forms, Tables, or Lists
  • Quick Find allows you to search and locate for information when you need it
  • Easily connect to other SQL databases
FileMaker Go supports touch screen features —pinching, swiping, and tapping—to manage data.
Let ACG show you how you can do just about anything with FileMaker Go that you can do with the desktop version of the database app—add or change data, navigate through records, switch between layouts, open new windows, and much more.
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