Data Conversion / Integration
Data conversion and integration involves the combining of data residing in different data sources while providing end users with a unified view of these sources. The need for it appears with increasing frequency as the volume of data grows or the desire to share existing data expands. Or, it is often a requirement of a business event or change, such as when two companies merge, who then need to merge their databases.

Data conversion and integration has become the focus of extensive theoretical work, and numerous open (ODBC "Open Database Connectivity") problems remain unsolved. In management circles, data integration is often referred to as "Enterprise Information Integration" (EII). ACG's experience with cross-database connectivity and the tools and techniques involved make us an excellent resource should you have this need.

At ACG, we utilize a team of developers, with expertise in both databases and web technologies, who are able to deliver complete web applications specifically built to address to your business needs.

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