Filemaker Filemaker Pro 11 New Features
In a recent study, the Filemaker found that 80 percent of the people who look at FileMaker already have a task in mind. With this type of feedback, FileMaker set out to make the new version faster and more productive for new users.

FileMaker Pro 11 continues the progress of updated UI, script triggers, dynamic reports and saved finds. Here are some of 11's new features and how they can significantly improve quality and shorten development time.
Instead of looking for a plugin, now your data can take on a complete new dimension with FileMaker Charts in FileMaker Pro 11. Create visual reports including vertical bar, horizontal bar, area, line and pie charts.


Another great time saver is the Quick Find feature. With one small field in the status menu bar, the Quick Find field allows you to search across all the fields on the layout. Enter a word or phrase in the search box and FileMaker Pro will search for information just as you would in a web browser.

New Script Triggers -
Script Triggers in FileMaker Pro allow you to automatically run scripts based on user actions like clicking a button, entering a field, or inputting data. And all it takes is a couple of clicks to add a Script Trigger (+) to an object.

Snapshot Links -
Captures and preserves a found set of record IDs, including layout, view, and sort order. The Snapshot Link can be sent to another person with access to the same database.

Layout Inspector -
You can now create a layout folder then use the built-in enhanced Report Assistant to select styles and themes, add headers, footers, subtotals, or scripts. Create polished reports in minutes.

Manage Layouts -
A non-modal window of all layouts, with folders, filtering by name, the ability to set layout options, and a button to immediately open another layout in a new window? What more could we ask for? Portal Filtering -
New in Filemaker Pro 11 is the ability to filter a portal by calculation. With portal filtering, when you create the portal on the layout you can define an additional calculation to control and restrict which data shows up.

Recurring Import -
In FileMaker Pro 11 you can establish a Recurring Import from Microsoft Excel, CSV or TAB files. Set it up once, and every time you open your database, the data from your Excel spreadsheet or data file will update automatically in FileMaker Pro. Use this data to easily create sales reports, track workflow, and collaborate with others.

Text Highlighting -
This text attribute can be applied to text labels and field contains. Identify key words in your text. It is also supported by the function Text-Style-Add like bold or italics.

Instant Web Publishing Enhancements -
IWP supports Filemaker Charts and Portal Filtering using the same interface as FM Pro.

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