“FileMaker Pro is a powerful tool for running virtually any business.” 
Matt Crawford, South by Southwest

FileMaker Pro
The leading integrated database for rapid development. Easy to start, easy to expand.
FileMaker Pro is an award winning database software solution that helps millions of people get their tasks done faster and more efficiently every day. Filemaker combines power, ease-of-use and affordability, making it the perfect tool to manage information on Windows, Mac, or the Web.

Looking for a FileMaker developer to increase the functionality or usability of your existing FileMaker database? We can help you get started, upgrade your current system, or add new functionality.

ACG has multiple FileMaker Certified Developers on staff, and with more than a decade of experience we have a solid track record of delivering innovative database solutions for all types of businesses, large and small.

Our Filemaker expertise is centered on:
The ACG Framework:
Over the years we have developed Filemaker applications for diverse industries including Health Care, Power Utilities, Financial Services, Transportation, Manufacturing, Entertainment and many more. We have taken the best of the FileMaker software that we have developed and created frameworks to facilitate our software development. These Frameworks are templates that can be incorporated into an existing FileMaker system or used as a starting foundation for a new system.

These frameworks are provided by ACG to our clients at no cost.
Modification of Existing FileMaker Solutions:
Like many businesses in today's economy, you may have postponed upgrading your Filemaker system. Our FileMaker developers can assist you with the help you with modifications or additions to existing FileMaker solutions plus provide fresh new ideas and efficiencies to your business operations software.

Custom FileMaker Solutions
How do you know if you need a custom solution? Here are 5 quick test questions to ask yourself:
Filemaker 1. Do you frequently realize that the data you are entering has previously been entered, or already exists in other systems such as Excel, Access, Entourage, or Salesforce?
2. Is your current database solution have a lot of features that your people never use?
3. Are you using a customer relationship management system such as ACT! Or Goldmine that is not flexible enough to meet your needs anymore?
4. Is your current system no longer supported by the manufacturer or is it hard to get support when you need it?
5. Do you want a solution that can change as fast as your business is changing?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you are probably ready for a custom solution that fits your CURRENT business needs.
ACG can provide the expertise to answer these critical questions and help you develop a FileMaker solution customized for YOUR business.

Web Integration via IWP or PHP
Want to access your FileMaker database online or capture client information directly from the web? We can help you manage and maintain dynamic web data such as inventory lists, shopping carts, on-line forms and anything else you want to capture or publish to the web.

Mobile Device Integration
Want to get your sales or production data on your handheld mobile device such as iPhone, PDA or Blackberry? We can make it happen! With Filemaker Go you can have access to critical data in real time keeping you in control of your business no matter where you are.

Pulling Data from MySQL, SQL or Oracle
FileMaker Pro version 9 or above has the ability to access data stored in MySQL, SQL or Oracle solutions. Let our certified FileMaker Pro developers help you get the right information in the right place for easy access.

Plug-In Integration
We have years of experience building and integrating various plug-ins into FileMaker solutions. Instead of spending hours trying to figure it out, let us save you time by integrating the plug-in for you. Dashboards Information Dashboards are powerful tools that give you instant access to the information you need to keep your organization running smoothly. We shape your data into measurable performance indicators and craft an easy to use, visual solution that presents your data in a clear and concise way.

If you use FileMaker and wish to upgrade, expand additional licenses, or renew your existing licenses, contact ACG for a competitive price quote! We often meet and exceed quotes from other resellers including FileMaker direct.

Along with your licenses, we recommend a FileMaker Maintenance agreement. The agreement assures you will automatically receive instant access to the latest upgrades and enhancements, giving you the most up-to-date features for maximum productivity.

Our developers are equipped to handle the most sophisticated FileMaker solutions, including enterprise-wide data migration, synchronization, ODBC, SQL Integration, Instant Web Publishing, and custom web development.

Whatever your needs, ACG certified developers are ready to help. Let us show you how to save money and stay up to date.

Consult our experts about your database project