Customization / Enhancements
Off the shelf solutions are not made to fit every organization. By utilizing a "rapid application development" tool like FileMaker Pro we can create customized solutions to fit your specific processes and work flow. Our solutions are typically developed in a third of the time and cost versus other methods such as Visual Basic, C++, SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

According to a 2010 SAS study of 57 firms, 84% of the companies included a data analytics component to their improvement efforts.

A custom FileMaker solution will provide your organization with a centralized database that will streamline your processes, save labor time and can be modified to meet your changing needs. Combine FileMaker Pro with our plug-ins to tap into other 3rd party applications such as QuickBooks, Outlook, Entourage or Address Book freeing you from double entry.

At ACG, we don't feel our job is complete until your application is performing as expected. We offer customization services to take your existing system and modify or enhance it, regardless of whether we originally created it or not. If you need a new data field, a new report, or a whole new feature, we can help.

At ACG, we utilize a team of developers, with expertise in both databases and web technologies, who are able to deliver complete web applications specifically built to address to your business needs.

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