Selecting a Database Consultant
Do you feel qualified to make decisions about your current and future database needs?
Before you begin the planning process we recommend you start by identifying a staff person with the
following skills, experience, and knowledge:
  • This internal database project manager should be familiar with the structure and design of a databases, including data tables, queries, scripting, filters, and especially creating reports for different areas of your business
  • Someone who has built a database in the past and can provide you with examples of their work.
  • Fluency in "database terminology"
  • Knows and can explain the pro's and con's of building, buying or out-sourcing your database development.
  • They should also be well versed in the significant differences among various database solutions and brands (i.e. Access, Filemaker, SQL, MySQL, .Net )
Press Releases
Filemaker Database + iPad/iPhone: Run your Business from Virtually Anywhere Anytime.
ACG Technologies, a leading provider of innovative software development services, today announced its new Database Mobility Practice tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Online PR News – 18-May-2011 –Around the globe, the explosion of highly mobile "tablet-ized" applications is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their central databases. Merrill Lynch is expecting Apple to sell just north of 26 million iPads during 2011. By any measure, this is an astonishing ramp up for an entirely new computing product. It is so startling that in other words, the iPad sold five times as much as the average Wall Street analyst prediction...

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National Ambulatory Hernia Institute

Taking  FileMaker Pro to the Next Level FileMaker iPad-­‐izaton Success Story first commercial solar plant in.

The National Ambulatory Hernia Institute␣␣ (NAHI) Operations Manager, Vicky Vansurksum, was challenged with managing multiple office locations, physicians, patient flow of care   and scheduling, complex billing for both workers comp and private patients, Insurance company and adjuster management, patient chart and media management(EMR), data auditing, mobilized   accessibility and remote access, PC and Mac compatibility along with many other information related challenges.

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According to a 2010 SAS study of 57 firms, 84% of the companies included a data analytics component to their improvement efforts. Guessing can be risky. You need to have access to the right information to make fact-based decisions.

Just keeping your business competitive is challenging enough in the best of times. But actually accomplishing this takes even more focus and expertise, which is often outside the core experience of your business. That's where we can help.

ACG consulting services are all about helping you start, maintain or accelerate your improvement projects. We help you make the key technology decisions that can improve your processes and increase your bottom line.

We help you make the key technology decisions that can improve your processes and increase your bottom line.

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