A Team Approach, with Interactive Methodology

Filemaker People often ask us questions like:
"What is your approach to software development?"
“And by the way, what exactly is the difference between Scrum / Agile / Lean / You name it?”

Although a specific definition of software quality is elusive, it is ultimately associated with the extent to which software satisfies its users. This goes beyond the prerequisite of meeting user requirements and into such criteria as ease of learning, ease of use, enjoyment of use, and so on. These factors will continue to gain sway as software use becomes an ever larger part of the daily activities of most businesses, regardless of industry. It is not enough for a software product to be of high quality to succeed in the marketplace; it must satisfy its users to a greater extent than other alternatives.

ACG project teams follow a time-tested methodology for building database and web applications, providing innovative design and reliable execution. Using a team of talented individuals with complementary skills for each project allows ACG to draw on the expertise of multiple individuals with a variety of experiences and points of view. This coordinated effort allows each team member to maximize on his or her strengths while generating a synergy which creates a better overall result.

Sometimes referred to as 'Agil' or 'Scrum', our iterative approach to software development is preferred for many reasons, such as:
  • Eliminates wasted effort.
  • Doesn't plan too far into the future for features that you might never need us to build.
  • Work in progress is completed every sprint.
  • Re-planning occurs frequently.
  • Uncertainty is acknowledged and planned for.
  • Feature prioritization allows commitment to more precise deliverables.
Our approach is based on the legendary methods of Dr. W. Edwards Deming whose principles support the global success of Microsoft, Toyota, Proctor & Gamble, Ritz Carlton, and many other world class organizations. A thorough understanding of these principles is essential for the effective application of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Agile development, and other quality improvement, customer retention and business growth initiatives.

According to Business Horizons, "a good grasp of the "Deming Process" can facilitate the continuous improvement of software quality." Unlike more traditional products and services, the dominant characteristic of the software market is volatility and rapid change. New technologies are continually being born; new application areas are continually emerging. Failing to evaluate these changes can spell doom for any software project.

There are no easy guidelines for developing a strategy, except being ready to move quickly. To use a Deming aphorism, "If you do not have a competitor today, you will get one tomorrow."

By following ACG's process of up-front planning, frequent inspection, adaptation, review and testing, our clients we can advance their unique competitive business advantages in less time, with less cost.

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