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ENCO Utility Services
Municipality Power Distribution Services FileMaker Pro Taken to New Levels
Case Studies

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FileMaker Integration at a High Level!
ACG Technologies Integrated Google Maps "Outage Management System" (OMS)
ACG Technologies Tablet PC Kiosk Portability "Underground Maintenance Management System" (UMMS)
ACG Technologies FileMaker/SQL Integrated Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
Key Automation and Efficiency Objectives
Chris Quinn, President/CEO of ACG Technologies, working closely with Ruby Irigoyen, Vice President ENCO Utility Customer Services, helped identify and outline key areas where FileMaker technology could improve day-to-day staff task efficiencies by managing the quality of data input, ease of use, service automation, and improved overall performance and customer service.
Challenges and Opportunities
Coordinating with many different entities that have robust integration requirements across multiple technologies presented many challenges, such as:
  • A call center database solution that is capable of handling multiple sets of utility specific customer data. This database has the scalability to add any number of municipalities and their corresponding customers.
  • Track, identify and report on incoming and outgoing phone inquiries by customer utilities, address and premise numbers. - Image 1.1
  • Rapid and automated outage trouble tickets and electronic trouble men dispatch from the dispatcher as they occur. - Image 1.2
  • Real-time outage management including predictive fault device identification by outage call numbers. Automated rollup of single to multiple outages status. — Image 1.3
  • Interactive manual and automated CSR customer call back notification and tracking that automatically notifies customers after power restoration.— Image 2.1
  • Power outages that occur across multiple circuits can result in thousands of phone calls to the call center at the same time. Automated and integrated overflow call handling. — Image 2.1
  • Web based outage mapping in real time as outages occur over multiple cities. Drill down to outage for site information interactive web map for city managers and service personnel. - Image 1.6
  • SENSUS wireless revenue meter monitoring and alerting published to a live web-based mapping solution for real time outage conditions. This would include a specific meter or outage location that retrieves more detailed information.
  • Automated record archiving to manage both local and remote database performance.
  • Real-time data synchronization between multiple city locations. SyncDek® by World Sync was integrated with FileMaker Pro Servers to manage and synchronize this process. CSR ability to track and create payment plans on the fly for utility customers.
  • Quickly identify and manage life support and emergency service customers as a high priority.
  • Underground Maintenance Management System (UMMS) inspectors use this portable solution to schedule, report and maintain underground electrical grid equipment that identifies and documents equipment issues and dispatches repair crews if problems are found. - Image 1.7
  • Many more features…
ACG Technologies

ACG Technologies

Image 1.1ACG Technologies
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Example of the call center dashboard is ideal for Service Representatives (CSR) to instantly access key information while speaking with a customer.
Image 1.2ACG Technologies
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Example of utility customer service order detail. From this dialog you can dispatch to a trouble man, view previous service orders, view service order notes, and print service order.

ACG Technologies
FileMaker Advanced Server Serves Over 100 Local and Remote End Users
This fully functional FileMaker application serves approximately one hundred end users both local to the call center and remote users from all over the United States. The FileMaker database is heavily used each day and has been a great success for ENCO Utility Services. Ruby's experience and thorough understanding of the utility industry has helped ACG deliver an application that is extraordinary in its business application and performance.
1. Integrating Google Maps "Outage Management System" (OMS)
Outage Management System (OMS) was developed to manage multiple municipalities across the United States. CSR's at the ENCO Call Center can easily toggle between each municipality OMS live outage data with ease while on the phone in real-time with different utility customers as customer outage calls come in.
Image 1.3
ACG Technologies
1) Toggle between Cities, Municipalities or District OMS's as live outages occur. Add any number of Utilities to the OMS.
2) Filter outage event to quickly identify larger outages or emergency services outages as priority events.
3) Open outage detail dialog to view customers effected by the outage. Add partial restores to outage events.
4) From outage toggle directly to all related trouble tickets. OMS indicates how many customers called in on a each outage event.
5) Open outage dialog to FileMaker's unique web viewer object control that indicates event location within Google Maps. Help
    trouble man find the exact location of the customer and the probable device.
6) Outage logic predicts probable fault device from utility customers reporting outage. Shortens the restoration process shortening
    outage events.
7) Predicted fault device logic assists dispatchers to direct trouble man to the probable fault area for shortened power restoration
Image 1.4
ACG Technologies
1) Open outage event detail dialog.
2) Print outage event details.
3) Indicates the number of customer trouble tickets that have been created.
4) Predicts the probable upstream fault device.
5) Indicates the circuit number and how many affected customers behind that circuit.
6) Recorded dispatch date, time and foreman information.
7) Large outages can be dispatched to a crew.
8) Record restoration date and time and who reported the restoration information.
9) Record outage cause for an outage event for federal disaster funding and reporting.
10) Record actual fault device and affected customers once the outage is resorted.
11) Record partial outage restorations as outage is being restored.
12) View all outage customers and open customer detail dialog on any customer record.
Image 1.5
ACG Technologies
1) Viewing an outage customer's location from within an outage event is easy with FileMaker's new web viewer integration.
    Toggle from one customer address to another without leaving the dialog.
2) All customer addresses are geo coded to the Google Map displaying the customers address. Coordinates are collected
    using PHP and added to the customer record.
3) The geo coded location can be as accurate as the actual meter location, roof top or at the street which is indicated
    directly on the map.
4) Map controls include Street Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Birds Eye views. Zoom controls are also on map view or use the
    mouse wheel to activate zoom.
Image 1.6
ACG Technologies
The OMS Outage Web Map integration publishes live outage events as they occur from within the FileMaker OMS database giving the city managers real-time visibility into outage activity on city power distribution. The Google map API interactivity allows the city managers and ENCO trouble men to view real-time outages and details from any web browser on each reported outage right within the web map. Included is SENSUS Wireless Meter integrated Microsoft SQL data to FileMaker OMS that indicates outage activity reported from any meter experiencing an interrupt.
1) Filter outages by Service Level.
2) Filter outages by Emergency Services.
3) Filter outages by Momentary Outages.
4) Filter SENSUS Wireless Meters by Service Level.
5) Google Map controls from navigation, satellite view,
     hybrid view, birds eye view and zoom.
6) Select any outage pin for premise information e.g.
    Probable fault device, fault tree, meter number and

2. Tablet PC Kiosk Portability "Underground Maintenance Management System" (UMMS)
ACG Technologies
Mobile Underground Maintenance Management System (UMMS) is both an in-field Rugged Mobile Tablet PC and a FileMaker Kiosk based application that is wirelessly synchronized with the main FileMaker database server. The in-office administrators application allows administrators to monitor, review and dispatch trouble men as needed. Trouble men perform in-field grid equipment maintenance and service. They can also add new equipment as needed.
From the field the technician can identify equipment that may have overheating issues, rusted enclosures, review equipment signage, numbering and tagging, measure equipment load, create service orders on the fly, etc. With a scalable and customizable administrator maintenance inspection back office view, modifying the in-field inspection routines and dispatching is quick and easy.
Image 1.7

ACG Technologies
FileMaker Kiosk Touch Screen Application Home Page
Dennis Eastman, president and CEO of ENCO Utility Services, worked with ACG Technologies to create the mobile Underground Maintenance Management System (UMMS) to prevent problems before they occur to city equipment. The FileMaker Pro Touch Screen Kiosk functionality was ideal for ENCO's mobile application development. The application fills the tablet PC screen and guides the trouble men easily through four different functions. Once the trouble men logs into the home page image 1.7 they are presented with the following options, Add New Equipment, Add New Structure, Search Existing Equipment, and Perform Equipment Inspection Maintenance. The scalable, configurable and versatile inspection maintenance for different maintenance tasks are unique to the type of equipment types being inspected. Equipment maintenance tasks are also configurable and modifiable by the administrator when needed.
Image 1.8

ACG Technologies
Search Grid Equipment Inventory
With the use of radio buttons, pull down menus and auto enter text as you type functionality, FileMaker provides developers with the tools to make searching quick and easy.
Image 1.9

ACG Technologies
Equipment Detail Tablet PC Kiosk Layout
Equipment detail layout enables the trouble men to:
1) Add field notes to a piece of equipment
2) Add latitude and longitude coordinates to the equipment which is published to a web map
3) Add equipment photos to the corresponding record to assist in repairing the device
4) View inspection history that covers maintenance and past issues
Image 2.0

ACG Technologies
Equipment Detail Tablet PC Kiosk Layout
UMMS Back Office application allows administrators to:
1) View specific equipment type and details by utility
2) Schedule equipment maintenance and inspection routing
3) Print "Delinquent Inspection/Maintenance"
4) View and print equipment lists in different found sets
5) Review equipment maintenance history
6) Configure equipment specific inspection tasks by
     equipment type for trouble man to perform
7) Add as many equipment images as necessary
3. FileMaker/SQL Integrated Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
ACG Technologies
High Volume Call Capacity Auto Attendant (IVR) Ruby required an integrated and automated Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) auto attendant phone solution in the event of a large power outage that could handle high volume call events. ACG working closely with Ruby and VoiceGate to develop a solution that gives the customer the option to hold for the next available CSR or opt for the auto attendant to create their trouble ticket through the IVR auto attendant. This system is designed to handle high volume call traffic.
In Conclusion
Dennis and Ruby's vision, along with their extensive power industry experience and expertise, were able to work closely with ACG Technologies to deliver a complex and powerful solution that helps manage all their national locations and many departments across the ENCO enterprise. Delivering a single solution with a high level of integration across multiple technologies gives managers real-time visibility across multiple customer locations and departments.
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